old Investment Tracker template

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old Investment Tracker template

Postby haumann » Wed Jun 22, 2005 1:02 pm

On a lark I opened the Investment Tracker template (this is a ClarisWorks 5-vintage template). It does a good job at demonstrating the interaction of your spreadsheet data and the program's graphing capabilities.

After entering some real data, I noticed that the formula for "Annual Return (%)" contains a typographical error (and consequently, a Math error, too). Here's the formula as it is given:


It is apparently intended to give a really simplified annual rate of return (it calculates the overall return rate, then tries to adjust that to an annual rate) -- but it won't. The two "*"s (multiplication operators) in the formula should be "/"s (division operators).

If anybody uses the template, here's the corrected formula for the first line of user data:


Make your correction in cell P9, then fill down to correct the rest of the column.

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