Saving Converted Files WinXP

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Saving Converted Files WinXP

Postby Gary Scott » Tue Oct 04, 2005 7:02 pm

Windows XP, AppleWork 6. Files created in Appleworks 5, convert and open OK in AW 6. When attempting to save with original AW5 name in the same location as original AW5 get message that cannot save because file is open. Of course it is open but I should be able to save over the original copy of the file.

Only work around I have found so far, is use save as and give the file a new name, then use save as a 2nd time and change name back to original name. Now it will save because it does not see the original open anymore, because the first save as changed the name.

It appears that when file opens and converts from V5 to V6, it thinks the V5 copy is still open and thus will not allow saving V6 file over the original V5 file. Never seen this problem before.
Gary Scott

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