something like office's2004 "project center" in Ap

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something like office's2004 "project center" in Ap

Postby patriciamartinbuzios » Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:26 pm

Hi everyone!
I checked into the Msft Office 2004 new features and, although I only use it to visualize docs sent by PC users, I thought the new feature that comes with the 2004 version called "Project Center" is kind of cool. It is pretty efficient and lets you accessing all of your project-related e-mail messages, files, notes, contacts and schedules in one convenient place.

I was wanderinf if there isn't a way to do something similar using the Apple Works features, combined with iCal and Address Book. Have no idea how to do it, though. Any tips?

Patricia Martin
Buzios, Brazil

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