.Pict Clippings on Desktop

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.Pict Clippings on Desktop

Postby spalover » Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:51 pm

AW 6.2.9 Tiger 10.4.6

A couple of days ago when I quit AW I got a message something like "AW Preferences have been changed. Do you want to keep the new settings" with a yes or no option. Since I was working on an extremely important file and I had no idea what I might have changed I said yes keep the new settings, just so I would not inadvertently loose data.

Well, after two days it has become quite apparent what that new setting was....somehow I have told AW to save a copy of the clipboard to the Desktop. I have no idea how I did it and I've looked all over AW Preferences, and AW Help to find a cure, but so far nothing. So, every time I copy and paste, I get a new .pict file on the desktop. Of course, with several AW files open I don't notice it until I quit and then there are 8 or 9 .pict files scattered all over.

Anybody know how to stop AW from saving the clipboard to the desktop?

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