Thank You Barry (twice), Databases, AW 6, Bento and Iworks

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Thank You Barry (twice), Databases, AW 6, Bento and Iworks

Postby Carl » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:40 am

Hi Barry,

Thank you for telling me I can't "...change the visual size of a field in a single record..." I'm back on track learning about databases in AW 6.2.9. Also, I just learned two important things about AW 6.2.9 First, what AppleWorks can do, and as important, what it cannot do.KUDOs again to you.

In AppleWorks 6 The Missing Manual (copyright 2002) the authors had this to say about AW 6, "...a simplified version of FileMaker Pro...The beauty of the AppleWorks database and its more expensive, more professional big brother, (FileMaker Pro) can create multiple layouts for any one database file..." (pages 12, 118).

I purchased ($49.99) AW 6.2.4 from Hardcore Mac and downloaded the free AW upgrade. I don't need FileMaker Pro to database my vinyl record collection or my library of books.

I realize Apple is no longer supporting AW 6. Apple, through FileMaker Pro, is marketing Bento as the database, software program meant to replace AW. Through my limited reading and research, AW 6.2.9 appears to be superior to Bento. Also, I haven't discovered a rival database software program as customizing or versatile as AW 6.2.9 Why hasn't AW 6.2.9 become obsolete?

I do have Iwork's Numbers, Keynote and Pages. Numbers is all about spreadsheets. Keynote is all about making presentations look good. Pages is all about creating presentations and word processing. Not even once, does the word "DATABASE" appear anywhere in Iwork Numbers, Keynote or Pages.

Thank you,

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Postby Barry » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:10 am

Hi Carl,

Lots of truth in what you say. One minor error, though—AppleWorks is not "...a simplified version of FileMaker Pro," even though they were sold by the same company and there were some similarities in their interfaces.

AppleWorks started as an independently developed application. It was bought by Apple/Claris and renamed ClarisWorks. Claris developed FileMaker independently from the purchased ClarisWorks.

Eventually, Apple took ClarisWorks back in house, gave it a few cosmetic changes and renamed it AppleWorks. Claris was left with a single application, FileMaker, and changed the company name to match the product.

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