AppleWorks on a new apple computer

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AppleWorks on a new apple computer

Postby DrewSpangler » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:27 pm

Dear Kind Sir,
I have been working on a triad (3) life-time achievement works for 7 years
on AppleWorks (all of it research) and I need to continue to work on these
same documents to link information to an on-going outline. I also need a
new computer really bad. Please tell me that I can load this program on a
new computer and keep going same as usual. If my old computer goes down
I will have to buy a new one now but if AppleWorks doesn’t work on a new
Apple I could have a nervous breakdown. What are my options and what are
the worse case scenarios for repair. Note: I have a new key-pad if a key breaks
but if the screen goes dark I may be ruined. May I run 6.2.9 on a new computer?
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Re: AppleWorks on a new apple computer

Postby Barry » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:31 pm


AppleWorks requires Rosetta. Rosetta is not supported in Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion). All new Macs come with Lion installed.

There have been reports of success in running Snow Leopard in a 'virtual machine' on a Mac running Lion, then running AppleWorks under Snow Leopard.

Other routes depend on which AppleWorks modules you depend on for this work. The iWork applications, Pages, Numbers and Keynote can open AW 6 word processor, spreadsheet and presentation documents respectively. EazyDraw (the paid version, not the free version) can open AW 6 draw documents. AW database documents can be saved as text (ASCII) and the data (but not the formulas or formats) can be transfered to almost any database application. AW painting documents can be opened only by AppleWorks.

For a more detailed discussion of moving from AppleWorks to other applications, see Roger Wilmut's article Abandoning AppleWorks here:

One other possibility exists: Find an Apple reseller who still has stock of older (but still 'new') Macs with Snow Leopard installed as the OS. These will be independent stores, not Apple itself, and the possibility of finding one will get fainter as time goes by.

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Re: AppleWorks on a new apple computer

Postby Peggy » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:28 pm

You can often find current & previous generation refurbished Macs on Apple's online store. They come with a full one-year warranty & are eligible for AppleCare for a total of three years of warranty.

They will come with the latest OS installed but you could install the version of OS X that originally shipped with the model. Only the newest Mac mini & MacBook Air require Lion. You probably can get a set of the original install disks from Apple for a nominal fee. You might even be able to order them at the same time you buy the Mac if you order by phone.

My current generation iMac was delivered the day before Lion was released &, of course, had Snow Leopard installed but now they ship with Lion. This Apple KnowledgeBase article tells which system various Mac models can use.
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Re: AppleWorks on a new apple computer

Postby DrewSpangler » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:11 pm

Thank you Barry and Peggy,
I have a much better sense of direction now.
I will be using AppleWorks for at least 2 more years!

New Question #1:
MY PLAN for sharing work (to make it readable to others) was not mentioned in the site articles you gave me. I have always figured that sharing is as simple as making a PDF. You can’t manipulated it but won’t most other word processing programs let you drop (say a dozen) PDF’s into a book format of at least 8 1/2 x 11 and print them one right after the other for a book of say 500 pages? Surely everyone CAN do this, correct?
Note: When these 3 projects are finished I will learn iworks.

New Question #2:
I happen to know from experience in AppleWorks that after page 49 you can no longer drop a text block on to a page. My question is this: Is there some limit to how many targets, links and anchors I can put in one master document of 700 pages of research. I will need to target with links and anchors perhaps 1500 times from this master document to an outline so when I start to write my final copy I will be able to go directly to previous research and previous original composition. Shall I anticipate a problem of any kind? It’s too late to split up the 700 pages into smaller documents.—This would just become a huge mess. Am I okay???
(note: I back-up my work (sometime every 3 hours or so) for safety)

New Question #3:
How do I get a perpendicular ruler on a word processing document in AppleWorks?

Thank you for being kind to me. —Drew
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