Folder disappeared from Desktop !!

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Folder disappeared from Desktop !!

Postby Ruthi » Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:46 am

Boy, do I have a problem! I'm on a MacBook Pro, wireless, 10.6.8. I have a collection of dollhouse miniatures, room boxes, etc. for which I've created a Numbers SS and added photos to dozens of files. I just spent 2 days updating all my information. As I was done, I thought I should put it on a flash drive but dinner was ready. When I went back on, the Folder was not on my desktop, just a blank space. I couldn't believe it.
I've done every kind of Find/Search, to no avail ! I did have the info on a flash drive from 4 months ago, but will have to recreate what I did in the last 2 days. What a bother !
I don't supposed there's anyway to recover what was lost. So . . .why did this happen?
Thanks for any help.
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