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Copy/Paste problem with Numbers

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:27 am
by Larry
I am attempting to copy values using copy/paste. I copy a value in one cell and try to paste it to another cell. When I apply the paste nothing is put in the designated cell. I have attempted to copy titles such as "Date", "Amount" as well and they were not pasted. These titles were in the darkened title bar at the top of the spreadsheet.

I opened a new spreadsheet as a test and found that the copy/paste technique works on it. I entered a number, then copied it, and pasted it to another cell. Why does this work on one spreadsheet and not the other? Have I turned something off or on which prevents this from working on the spreadsheet? Is there a preference that is involved?

I am running Snow Leopard on an iMac. I am using Numbers 09.

I posted this question on the Apple Discussion web site but got no satisfactory answer. Hope you all can help.

Re: Copy/Paste problem with Numbers

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:44 am
by Peggy
That it works in other documents, just not this one, would indicate there is some corruption of that document. I would copy & paste all of the data into a new, blank spreadsheet & see if that works. If it does work, just save this new document & trash the old one. If it doesn't it would be a problem with one cell & would be very difficult to track down.