High-resolution output for print?

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High-resolution output for print?

Postby mrushton » Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:19 pm

A publisher for whom I am preparing a manuscript has set some specific minimum requirements for the submission of tables and figures. They, of course, work in the world of Word, Excel, etc. The tables we are submitting as Excel files and letting them handle the preparation.

But the figures and charts, being graphical, are something we want to do ourselves. The issue is in how to take what we have and output it as a high-resolution TIFF file (they are asking for a minimum size of 10cm x 15cm at 600dpi).

I prefer to use iWork, but after much searching it appears that there is nothing in the iWork world like PowerPoint's "advanced save" settings, which allows you to specify output up to 1600dpi. With iWork, exporting to PDF or images, you get 72 dpi and that's it (I'm working on a 13" MacBook Aluminium 2008).

I suppose I could reinstall my old copy of InDesign CS2, but it seems like overkill for something as simple as creating high-resolution charts and figures.

Anyone have a workable solution (no guesses, please, I've already done that!)

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