Adding Cell Border Lines in Numbers

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Adding Cell Border Lines in Numbers

Postby RexinMinn » Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:49 am

I'm using Numbers 2.0.3 and having trouble adding cell border lines to my spreadsheet.

For example, I have a small group of cells (containing data) that I wish to "highlight" by using a 1-pt. black line around it.

However, I wind up with unwanted lines which go beyond where I initially put them.

For example, I will select the cells I want surrounded.
I will then select the color black from the "line" selection menu.
The line will then appear as I intended it to.
I will then go to complete another action on my spreadsheet, and will discover my lines from the previous action have mysteriously grown longer, and now include several cells in either direction.

I can go over these "errant" black lines by putting in the original color (in this case, light blue), in effect erasing the black, but this solution doesn't seem to last either.

Has anyone else ever experienced this problem?
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