Can I change database print default to 'current record'?

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Can I change database print default to 'current record'?

Postby Rob Bester » Wed Aug 24, 2005 11:03 pm

We are looking at changing from CW2 over to AW6, but can't see how to get around this problem. When printing from the database the default is 'print visible records'. We can't get it to default to 'current record'. There are obvious ways around it, (hide unselected) but in the day to day use we will get 700 pages of database printed by accident on a regular basis!!!
It must be an easy thing to set up???? But I can't find it.
We will use it on a variety of machines from os8 through to 10.4
Hope someone can help,
thanks very much
Rob Bester
Rob Bester
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