Public Domain Software Categories

The templates and enhancements in AWUG®'s/iWUG®'s Public Domain Software Library are grouped in the categories described on this page. AppleWorks iWork Keynote iWork Numbers iWork Pages Click a category to see all the software in that group.

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AWUG® Templates

This section contains AppleWorks templates and other files prepared for AWUG® by AppleWorks users.

iWork Templates

This section contains Pages and Keynote templates prepared for iWUG® by members of the iWork community.

AWUG® Libraries/Clippings

This section contains graphics you can use in your AppleWorks documents. Just drag-and-drop to add instant graphics to your documents. "Libraries" are compatible with ClarisWorks 4.0, 5.0 and AppleWorks 5. "Clippings" are designed for AppleWorks 6.

AWUG® Dictionaries

This section contains customized AppleWorks spell checker dictionaries. Step-by-step directions for using these dictionaries come on each disk.


This section contains popular computer shareware and public domain games.

Miscellaneous Disks

This section contains templates and other useful disks that don't fit into the other AWUG® categories.


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