Special Offers

AppleWorks and iWork Users Group associates qualify for special discount prices on Macintosh and Windows products. Here is a summary of the ongoing offers. Developers may cancel their offers at any time without notifying AWUG®/iWUG®. If a vendor refuses to honor their offer, please notify us by contacting AWUG®'s/iWUG®'s Webmaster so the vendor's offer can be removed from this list.


A Better Finder Rename

AWUG®/iWUG® associates receive a 20% discount on any purchase from publicspace.net publishers of "A Better Finder Rename."

Contact the developer directly at "[email protected]" mentioning AWUG®/iWUG® to receive your discount voucher.



Amazon offers its customers discounts of 30% and more on books, CDs, DVDs, small appliances, supplies and other items for your home, office and car.

AWUG®/iWUG® is now a licensed Amazon Affiliate - orders placed by clicking on this Amazon.com icon generate a small commission to AWUG®/iWUG® that we will use to maintain this web site.