Other Resources

There are many other resources available on the Internet in addition to AWUG®'s/iWUG®'s web site to help you get the most from AppleWorks and iWorks. Listed here are just a few of our favorites. If you know of others that should appear here, contact AWUG®'s/iWUG®'s Webmaster and let us know.


Apple's AppleCare Knowledge Base
Quickly search Apple's online database for information on any Apple product.


Apple eNews
Keep up to date on Apple's latest technology by subscribing to one of Apple's free email newsletters. Published every other week, they contain the latest news about Apple hardware, software, Internet services, and multimedia technology; tips and handy suggestions; and news about seminars, special events and promotional offers.
AppleWorks list-serv
This excellent AppleWorks list-serv is maintained by Victor Daniel using the servers at Temple University. Subscriptions to the AppleWorks list-serv are free, and we suggest that all AppleWorks and iWork users with e-mail access subscribe to this service.
AppleWorks and iWork users with Web access will also appreciate the AppleWorks list-serv's searchable archives with all the previous questions and answers posted on this service.

User Groups

Apple User Groups
Apple's official source of information about recognized Macintosh user groups. Apple's site includes a user group locator that will help you find Apple-recognized user groups in your area.
This is the "go-to" site for Keynote users. Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of tips and tutorials and professionally-developed themes you can use to create compelling presentations with Keynote.
The MUG Center
This web site is the place to go for all the latest news about Apple's user group community.
The User Group Network
A spam-free, community-driven web site for user groups.

Utilities and Extensions

A Better Finder Rename
Referred to by Mac OS X Power Tools as "...arguably the best file renaming utility on the market..." A Better Finder Rename is the most complete renaming solution available on the market today. You can use it to rename folders full of AppleWorks and iWork files with an unbelievable array of options saving you hours of time. AWUG®/iWUG® associates can receive a 20% discount voucher on this and other products from publicspace.net.